Why I love the early Christmas craze that starts in September?

I was quite ecstatic last Sunday to find that stores are already stocking a wide variety of Christmas products. It’s usually my thing to create a Christmas list at the end of August of all the people who I would like to send an old-fashioned Christmas card by post or for who I need to get presents for. The latter is especially important for children.
I like selecting wrapping paper, Christmas decorations, presents and cards because starting early equals to a stress-free December! I love the huge selections available as if leaving everything on the last minute, you can be sure that all these cards and wrapping papers have been touched by numerous hands and look quite haggard (been there, seen that!).
During the Christmassy month we usually bake gingerbread cookies with the children, get crafty to make some presents and write Christmas cards. We also have a warming cup of hot chocolate in front of the fireplace and read Christmas stories – this is very relaxing and also cosy.
Isn’t it ridiculous how everyone leaves their shopping on the last minute and then buy something just to get it over with, even if by gifting the nonsense gifts they have received previously.
Decorations-wise, last year we picked up a lot of cones from the local park for painting which we afterwards wrapped into see-through little bags. These went on the Christmas tree and looked wonderful. Of course the most heart-warming presents came from the children who had done all the hard work by decorating and crafting.
December is not a month of bankruptcy for me because I start early by managing my finances ahead of time.
During this festive month it is important for me to meet my friends and family members for a chat about how the year has passed and what we await from the new upcoming year.
Have a cosy rest of the day,

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