Babies and feeding: What kind of a bottle to use?

I have done many many home visits and have held numerous workshops for groups. Everyone always seems to be surprised when I ask what kind of a feeding bottle they use. It seems that most of the people seem to prefer a bottle that imitates a nipple.
Honestly, I was surprised and not in a good way.

Why? It’s quite simple – even specialised bottletops will not take the exact shape of the breast when the baby is being fed. The breast goes easily to the baby’s mouth and his or her swallowing muscles are working. With the bottle that imitates the nipple, the baby only works with the jaws. Which in the future can be the cause of teething problems.

My recommendation?
You do not have to invest too much money in a proper feeding bottle for the baby, as a regular feeding bottle used 30 years ago will work fine as well (I mean the type, not the bottle itself!). If you would like to invest more, then I would recommend Philips Aventa and Medela bottles which are very good.

Medela also makes bottles for babies with special needs, for example for babies with lip and palate clefts.
I didn’t actually know much about this before April this year, when I did a home visit to one of the Estonian families where there was a baby girl with a lip and palate cleft.
I was shown how to assemble this special bottle and how to feed her. I am of course extremely grateful for this experience which is an incredible addition to my knowledge base.

It’s getting chillier outside so keep yourself warm!


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