What is an eco-friendly potty?

I always have some extra things stored away for babies and toddlers, and for a very good reason – when I get news that one of my friends or acquaintances is expecting a baby and I would like to congratulate them with a present, I’m prepared.

Secondly, it makes my life easier when someone’s child is having a birthday, where for especially little ones it’s useful to get a really lovely potty, with which you can start potty-training.

Where am I going with this you might ask?
Well, in Estonia I was doing a bigger cleanup and while sorting I found two potties, a pink and a greenish blue one. I took a closer look and found that they are actually eco-friendly potties.

I do know that now all environmentally aware moms and dads are very happy as this is a great solution to lessen your carbon footprint.

I tried to look further into this to see what this potty is all about. It was quite a discovery to find that after you do not need it any longer, you can plant it in the soil with some seeds in it. Within a couple of years this potty will disintegrate. I think it’s an excellent idea and is also environmentally friendly.

Let me know down below, what do you think of this kind of a solution?

Have a sunny morning!

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