Hospital food in London!

Surprisingly enough, this is quite a popular topic nowadays. A couple of weeks ago I had a chance to experience this on my own skin. And imagine my surprise when instead of a regular canteen (which I was expecting), they brought my lunch to bed!

First thing in the morning, I queried to find out what’s for lunch and whether I will be back from the operation before this. If not, I asked if they could save me a portion somewhere on the side.

Mrs. Nurse gave me a look as if she was not sure whether to take my question seriously, and then said that there are no specific lunch times and that everything will be brought to bed.

Me being me with my lovely sense of humour, I asked if it was going to be fish and chips as it was Friday – this amused Mrs. Nurse quite a bit before giving a couple of kind words of acknowledgement for my way of thinking. A little bit later she returned with an A4 paper, an actual list of foods I could choose from – actually, let’s be honest here, it was a menu where I had to choose a lunch and a dinner from (with dessert!).
For lunch I chose vegetables with salmon, for dinner a lasagne, and both were finished off with yoghurt for dessert.

So how was the food you might ask? You know, I have never been so hungry in my life and on that day I enjoyed every single bite.

What was a little bizarre, were the people around me who only went for a sandwich or just a yoghurt. I then tried to find out why that was the case, and Mrs. Nurse advised that the hospital food was not to people’s liking. Honestly… I don’t know what people usually eat…

I concluded that people are quite picky about food, but I am happy with how my money as the taxpayer is being spent on the hospital food!

Bon App├ętit!

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